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Ida turns one!!

Joa Koeneke

Baby girl is celebrating her first year—it's been a joy to watch her, daily.

[ I love this picture of her (and him!) so much! ]
I'm having some tech issues getting our celebratory video on the webs due to my song choice, so—if you want to see the high def version, you'll have to come over for a visit  : ) In the meantime, you can view it here.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us raise this sweet little bean this last year. She's pretty cool.
Cheers little lady!

she's here.

Joa Koeneke

Baby Ida arrived February 6, early in the morning—and is so lovely and wonderful.

She pushed her 42 weeks in the womb, but chose to come a day before our scheduled induction. [ Praises! ] The little lady surprised us with her 9lb 5oz body, but came so beautifully and quietly at the Birth Center. Our experience was everything we hoped for, and within a few short hours, they let us go home to spend the day in bed as a new little family. Perfect.

In short: thanks to friends and family for food, visits, original art and flowers—and our midwife for baking bread. We're excited to continue sharing her sweet face with you all. ❤

a little lovin' — follow-up

Joa Koeneke

Remember when I shot a few cool pictures of my brother and his fiance, Lauren? Well!—they got married this past summer, and I finally wrapped up this wonderfully all-over-the-place video of their day. It may not be perfect. I rented a bunch of gear I didn't really know how to use,...but we had fun. Lots o fun. And, luckily, they're both so amazing and awesome—it makes for pretty great storytelling anyway,....