Ida turns one!!

Baby girl is celebrating her first year—it's been a joy to watch her, daily.

[ I love this picture of her (and him!) so much! ]
I'm having some tech issues getting our celebratory video on the webs due to my song choice, so—if you want to see the high def version, you'll have to come over for a visit  : ) In the meantime, you can view it here.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us raise this sweet little bean this last year. She's pretty cool.
Cheers little lady!

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she's here.

Baby Ida arrived February 6, early in the morning—and is so lovely and wonderful.

She pushed her 42 weeks in the womb, but chose to come a day before our scheduled induction. [ Praises! ] The little lady surprised us with her 9lb 5oz body, but came so beautifully and quietly at the Birth Center. Our experience was everything we hoped for, and within a few short hours, they let us go home to spend the day in bed as a new little family. Perfect.

In short: thanks to friends and family for food, visits, original art and flowers—and our midwife for baking bread. We're excited to continue sharing her sweet face with you all. ❤

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a little lovin' — follow-up

Remember when I shot a few cool pictures of my brother and his fiance, Lauren? Well!—they got married this past summer, and I finally wrapped up this wonderfully all-over-the-place video of their day. It may not be perfect. I rented a bunch of gear I didn't really know how to use,...but we had fun. Lots o fun. And, luckily, they're both so amazing and awesome—it makes for pretty great storytelling anyway,....




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...oh, also

Really! Really!
A new year, of new things.

And, — these graphics are bits & pieces of an email blast I put togehter for my friends over at Honeyshine. I bought a few holiday gifts there this season, and want to get back over to take more photos of their shop for you to see!!! The owners are awesome, and their taste for art & fun things is so so great.

More to come on them! But until then, you should just go there yourself. — ❤

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my side-a christmas

This past weekend we traveled down to Iowa to spend a couple days with my family, Christmas-style,...and had a wonderful time. We stopped at Worth Brewing the first night, and enjoyed the next days with the following lovely people. They are wonderful...

My brother is the running champion of the Right/Left/Center quarter game, though us city-folk could really use all that laundry money!!! [ Jokes, jokes. ] ❤ Next year!!!!

Feliz Navidad!

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pedal car: done!

I wrote about this random purchase a while back,
and am finally sharing the restoration (ha!) update, here!

It took us most of the summer to gather what we needed for this,
but Andy >> being the awesome handy-man he is,
really did an amazing job finding all the random parts we'd need to fix this up.

This thing is equally embarassing and amazing to ride in.

People yell funny things at you:
"Does it float!?!?!"

...and you can only laugh.

For those who don't know,...
These were introduced in the 70's, because, well—they're awesome.

We're bringin' it back! The people-powered-vehicle!!!

...and if you can't find an old one to fix up >> these guys have made a newer version.

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Just for fun,
I give you:
crummy iPhone photos,
bundled in a poor quality gif!

...we've been traveling, and it's been a unique week.
But as mentioned earlier >> i'm feeling very lucky.
I have amazing family & friends,
and a really handsome husband { swoon }...

The road was good to us this past week: truly refreshing.
God blessed nature, that's for sure.

Lotsolove + ❤

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master plan

Lots of good family time these days, and more to come.
Taking a little time for me,
and [happily] making the most of what I have.

It seems appropriate—and maybe expected,
but i'm thankful these days...
...thankful that someone else is in charge—guiding it all. 

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a little lovin'

A couple weekends ago, I was lucky enough to help out my little brother. He's getting married! [ a very awesome & lovely lady ] >> I grabbed my camera & my handsome (husband) assistant, as we ran around the Iowa country. Lots of moments were captured—and I love looking at their happy happy faces. I like love, so much.

These are a few of my favorites.