design camp: recharge

My office is amazing. The other weekend I was lucky enough to head north, stay in a gorgeous location and charge my creative-ness at AIGA Minnesota's: Design Camp.

In all honesty, I left feel a mix of two things: inspired & overwhelmed. The speakers were amazing, the location was refreshing and constantly being around positive-talk [career-wise] was amazing. At the same time, most of the workshops on tech-y stuff left me completely deflated >> I barely understood a word of what they said.

But, I can't complain. Stuff like that is good, really.'s pushing me to read-up more on the latest and greatest things. Even if I can't fully understand it, i'm trying. And on a lot of things, i'm learning to let go — letting techies do what they do best: make the internet a more entertaining place for us all.

Here's a round-up list of what I loved.

SevnthSin: These guys were super cool. Super informative. And basically, are really great at what they do.

Frank Chimero: ...this guy does a lot of things, and is good at them all.
Karim Charlebois Zariffa: was great. I artistically will never think like him, but...that's what was so inspiring.

Stop motion for STM from Karim Zariffa on Vimeo.

And finally,...personally >> (on that refreshing-level I mentioned), were these quick moments and these lovely views...
Thanks Minnesota, you're the best.