theirs and ours: the little sprouts that could.

A while back, I posted about my garden experience this year >> and the brussel sprouts were the one veggie I planted that I never researched or studied to help them grow strong.

Oops! Sorry little sprouts!

But, about a month ago, I did some quick research to discover that they're best, picked after a freeze or 2 >> and with that, we chose to pull them out last week.

They never got very big, and I'd heard rumors that they were pretty hard to grow >> but that's OK! We tried. One night, we stood in what remains of our garden bed, and chopped and yanked out all 8 stalks we had. The actual sprouts fell somewhere between the size of a pea and a small grape >> and we figured that was alright with us and we'd eat whatever we could!

This past Thursday, to our excitement, sprouts showed up in our CSA box! >> And honestly, made me feel pretty good—because the sprouts from the farm were not that much bigger! I know I could have spent a lot more time keeping track of them to help them grow better, but in all, I think we did alright.

We ended up combining our sprouts with the lovely head of romanesco we got, altering a recipe from a cookbook that has become one of my favorites this year...and dinner...was...excellent.

Sprouts: YUM!