money. our revolution.

A couple weeks ago, Andy & I did something big. Something awesome.

Here's the deal. ...this story spans my single days, and my married ones >> but to keep it short, i'm not going into every detail—every step. Just's definitely been quite the learning experience.

Between the 2 of us, we had $59,000 in debt. Honestly? wasn't anything crazy, very normal things. My student loan was the largest, followed by Andy's, those wonderful car loans,...and lastly, the very-normal: credit cards. NORMAL.

I wish I could say that I figured everything out on my own with my money, but I didn't. It was this class that put things in motion. It gave me a plan, it gave me a reason. I had neither of those things before. The first time I took the class, I kinda rolled my eyes at it all. Overall, getting rid of debt, building up a savings,...and getting a lot of other $$ things in place sounded like a decent idea, but my heart wasn't in it. Selling my car? NO THANKS. Budgeting? Blah. I didn't want to do it…sooo...I didn't. I think I held on to my car for nearly another year before my heart and mind started to change. And change: happened.

It's been a year and a few months since we sold things & made the change. We put things in motion, got hardcore about a budget,...and let go.

Together, we are lucky enough to bring home around $55,000/year, and within this last year (+) - we've paid off all our debt. We really did. I share the numbers because this is good God-stuff, clearly showing his awesome provision. Magical, mind-blowing things happened. It doesn't seem possible at first glance >> but cutting back and selling cars and stuff, really chipped away at our mountain. Whoa baby.

This last year has been both easy (because the plan works) and completely difficult. (Letting go of my need for new clothes all the time,…brought me to tears, you have no idea—plus other random emergencies, ie: our car being stolen.) [whatthecrap, whodoesthat!]

Learning learning. Growing growing.

So really >> that's it. In a little-bitty-nutshell.

There's nothing special about us. No secrets.
We are breathing deep. We are happy.
Next steps: save for a rainy day(s).

And the best part of this all, has been my complete change of heart and lifestyle. Seriously. [What was I doing before?! BAH!] Instead of giving my money to people and companies and things I could really care less about, I can finally give more where it really counts. I can't wait.

***Photo content brought to you by the very thoughtful and supportive: KellyB!

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