It's spring—and spring is really great. After a year of study and research and years watching my mom do it effortlessly,...i'm pretty jazzed about fresh food production-and-consumption. Last year, I grew some herbs. The year before, my mom brought me an already potted tomato plant - but I still managed to produce only 2 tomatoes and killed the plant shortly after. FAILURE!

But, after reading and getting my resources in place >> I feel much smarter. I just got my Seed catalog in the mail yesterday and flipping through it made me super excited. Seriously, these vegetables are gorgeous. I'd love to try nearly everything in there and give it a go, but we do have our CSA share starting up 4-weeks-from-today! I think most of my excitement comes from the simple fact that all this goodness exists. YUM. I might grow some extra tomatoes - to test my canning skills later this year, and peppers. Maybe some lettuce, and definitely lots of herbs. However, recommended a co-worker of mine, Harmony Valley will likely give us a good lesson in learning the midwest-food-seasons and possible vegetable-overload: we'd better watch out.

But i'm cool with that. Any surplus will just be extra-tastiness. For friends, family or the freezer.

Oh spring, we go!

Joa Koeneke1 Comment