Wisconsin Mountains


A quick post, more photos than anything, documenting a wonderful weekend away in Wisconsin. Our CSA farm [Harmony Valley] hosted the first farm event of the year, celebrating the tasty strawberry season. Though earlier than normal (the strawberry crop, that is) we were still able to find 4 pints of goodness to bring home. YUM.

The wonderful farm chefs presented us with some tasty strawberry ice cream [thanks to Castle Rock Farms] and shortbread cookies. It was a super hot day, and after a long-ish tractor ride around the farm—this treat was much appreciated.

Soon I'll post my own garden updates, but in the meantime—I am reminded of how amazing growing things really is. Considering my own garden at home has it's own list of issues, I was in awe of how much they grow at Harmony Valley, and how well they've developed what they do.

It was a great weekend away.

PS: My husband is adorable.