late! weekend recap

It's been incredibly hot here this summer, and I can honestly say I'm looking forward to winter.

But in the mean time, we survived another hot hot weekend, which started off lovely by coming home to a tidy house and a sweet bundle of fresh flowers from the husband.

Love. It. 

When we first dated, Andy would bring me flowers fairly often (at least that's how I remember it...) - so this was a fun surprise at the end of a long week. ...we've still got it!

Our garden is also starting to give us some tasty treats - and this weekend we were outside pulling what we could. We decided to pull up most of our carrots - and the color is awesome! We also picked:
• Chocolate Peppers
• Jalepenos
• ...the last of the peas
• and 3 Cherry Tomatoes that the squirrels & disease didn't get

It seems to be a manageable supplement to our CSA. Nothing over the top - but it's super fun.

Also, I really enjoy the carrot that looks like an alien space ship. YEA! 

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