girl crush { inspired by }

Throughout the days, my mind sometimes drifts.

Last Friday I was brainstorming, researching, etc - listening to [lots of!] Bat for Lashes. Somehow, those spacey/new-age/world-music sounds always make me happy. I know a thousand other people think this way and are inspired this way,...but it's still fun and I like it: music, into fashion & art.

As I surfed taste for the day definitely drifted one direction. It's too fun. Stripes, feathers, beads and dreamy illustrations. If I was feeling completely irresponsible,...I would buy all things. LOVE. THEM.

And because I feel like this is the nicest/smartest/most-legal-way-to-reference-things:
Polly Want a T-shirt, + Studded Slub Knit Top, + Excalibur Flat, + Arts Party Romper, + Giving Directions Top,+ Accessory Amore Necklace
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