random update. summer+books+food+fall.

This summer I did it! I read books!

...it was my goal to get back into reading. I initially started with food reads by Pollan & Kingsolver, which were great, but I definitely needed to switch mid-way to the Shopaholic madness and Oprah book club hits. Mindless & quick. I'm so so excited. I feel like I read a lot in a few short months, and now find myself taking a book with me nearly everywhere I go. Mission accomplished.

In other things...Miss Kelly mentioned this crazy-ness to me a handful of weeks ago, and this weekend we finally did it! Me, Kelly and the huz rode our bikes down to the river Saturday evening for some Oktoberfest celebrations [fun!], and back home to tackle our own veg. Juicy Lucy's. My camera is crummy, and I realize an oooey-gooey-shot-of-cheese-bursting-from-the-center would have been best...but this is all I took. Everything was delicious and we had WAY to much food. Andy was the only one who finished it all. YUM.

Cooking with friends is wonderful.
More to come this fall? ...I hope so. 

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