more: side projects.

Hey-o! It's a new year. YES!

Here's to a wonderful one. Many more days of learning and growing up, with my favorite people. [Cheers!]

In the meantime, i'm still rocking through some fun side projects >> and here's an update to some existing work I have out there. I initially thought I would update this look with glossy-button-type-logos, which was something I was interested in learning stylistically, but I tried, and it looked bad. Eeep! It's either not my thing, or not the right project for such a style. Anywho. I liked this, because Jill is awesome and so trusting of nearly anything I come up with.

Bless her.

...she has no idea how much I need projects like that sometimes. Whew!

Logos: simplified. Colors: updated. Style & Feel: mostly the same.