[ one of ] my favorite things!

Ahh! - It's so hard for me to keep up with things that happen. (Sorry for the time-lapse in posts!)
I apologize to all my loyal fans.


BUT >> seeing all the pretty faces here, should be worth the wait.

The other weekend >> my awesome northern friends got together for our annual fall outing. To the orchard we traveled... We ventured through the corn maze,...found chickens, pumpkins, slides (so fast!), hay, cider, music, donuts aaaaand good times.

Again, I love fall, A LOT. That is all. ❤

Note: Colleen did not fall on her bum following this photo. So swift, so swift.

As we ate our yummy donuts,...I couldn't stop watching this girl. Cutest thing ever! She was protecting her fooood! So awesome!

[ PS + There will be a weee bit more to this post; a short follow up of sorts. Watch for it! ]