bringing me joy: quimsy

As most of you know >> I'm selectively working on freelance right now. Attempting to quiet down that side of my life for a bit to focus on some other things & shift my "yes's" to projects I truly love.

Sooo: I currently have a few special projects that are really really awesome. They're projects that revolve around my hobbies,...things that make me happy. ...and one of those projects is for my lovely friend Tonya. A couple weekends ago we traveled to her sister's SW Wisconsin farm to do a shoot for her products and a possible Lookbook to launch with her shop & collection. I spent this past weekend tweaking and going through the nearly 1500 photos we took that day,...and they're seriously georgous. Not because I know what i'm doing, but beacuse she's an insanely lovely model, and her eyes are amazing. Amazing.

She's still working through getting her site/products/etc in line before she launches, but when she does—I'll be sure to share it all, here. For now >> we sit tight. { I can't wait! }

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