After months of research and thinking, we've gotten a new camera, and so far (it's only been 2 days!)—I love it. The weather has been amazing up here and yesterday Andy & I went out for a walk. We took the bus, walked the 'hood, had a wonderfully relaxing lunch and tested it out.

See, the thing is, next Saturday we'll be in the air. Swinging through Denver to pick up our 2 favorite people—and together we're all heading to San Francisco for a very perfect week away. VACATION!! I wanted to at least know how to run my new device. (eeep!) Aaaand, I'm learning.

This is all still way over my head. Automatic features vs. manual. HD videos. Blah blah blah. I barely understand any of it, but i'm excited to have the tools. I already feel more creative.

AND, when I get back, i'm going to bring all my new adventures on video to the very professional: Kelly!! (i love my friends)...who's offered to play around with my random clips to make something creative and awesome.

So, in conclusion: here are my first test photos. Yea! ...and our pieced-together attempt at understanding the video-ness. I'm easily amused. I love all the sharp focus stuff in the front, with blurry things in the back. Plus, I loved Andy's shirt. I swear he made every photo better.