one big building of things

Looking back on all our photos from CA, i'm of course kicking myself for not snapping so many things. Either because I wasn't thinking about it, or because my camera died. Then again, that probably means I was relaxing and enjoying the wonderful company—which is how it should be.

Most moments following our lovely breakfast, were poorly documented. So many awesome things, missed.
[ Except this Micah-face. See how happy he is to be in San Francisco! So much love! ]

The Ferry Building was really awesome. Again, a perfect kick-start to our trip. It had a market-style-feel, and we discovered a small handful of things that "haunted" us throughout our trip. Blue Door Coffee, Meitte and lovely stands of produce. Hollie & I also stumbled upon a Heath Ceramics front, which i've been in love with forever. Most all of their sets are a little out of my price range, but I can only imagine that they're worth it.