the mister, celebrates.

For a few months of the year, Andy & I are the "same age." 26, this year! Celebrations! And he loves to let me know it. Especially because in about one month, i'll continue on and turn 27.  …and he'll again be the "young one" around the house. What a goofball.

Last weekend, I let him choose Pizza Luce for Friday-night-eats, and family & friends joined us Saturday for hangouts most of the day. The theme of the day was "beer" >> new brewery explorations & restaurants known for having way too many awesome choices on tap.

I'm pretty sure beer-&-andy-celebration-day was enjoyed by all.

[ Ok, so this part of the weekend may have been my suggestion. Happy birthday treats!!!! ]

[ Little brother needed to do some boot shopping. ]

[ Here's brother, again. And since he assured me that he doesn't ever read my blog >> I figured I could put this nice photo of him up. I actually love it >> because all weekend long he made this face at me. That, "Joa, really? Another photo?"…face. I kept telling him that my new thing is documenting life. He's just going to have to deal with it. ]