the garden is planted!

Thank goodness for one lovely mild day this past weekend. Whew. I've been ridiculously anxious for the outdoors this year. (I think most of us Northerners weren't sure Spring was ever coming…)

Kelly & I went on an eager transplant hunt early Saturday morning. Because of the cold spring weather, the first place we stopped wasn't fully stocked and was missing a lot of the big-guns we were hoping for: tomatoes, peppers and basil. Eep! We picked up what we could at the first co-op and ventured on to the next. Though their big plant sale isn't until this coming weekend, we were lucky enough to grab a few initial plants in-store: perfect!

There's a good chance that i've over-planted, again - but I will learn. Learn, learn, learn.

Hopefully it'll be a further test of what grows and what doesn't in my small space. I tried a few new things this year (like: growing squash along the fence line) - so we'll just have to wait and see.

I also planted a handful of items from seed, and after roughly a week in the ground, they're starting to sprout. [Pictures to come soon!] - The little sprouts always blow my mind. Have you seen a carrot seed? Lettuce seeds? Have you thought about how crazy it is that one little dried up pea, turns into a vining/bushing/food-producing plant?! BAH! Ca-razy.