springtime reading

Something about the nice weather makes me want to read. I'm sure it's outdoor porch-time and all the lovely sun.

Last month, I used a little of my personal money to look over my Amazon wish-list, and see how cheap I could get some used books. (Love it.) Most are about food, tis the season,...but I think once the heart of summer rolls around,...I'll really want to switch gears to mindless fiction. Stories.

So far:
Water for Elephants is behind me: and I loved it. I think i'm happy I read it first, (before I saw the movie that is.) I couldn't put the book down, and stories like that are rare.

• Michael P's In Defense of Food,...is,...what you'd expect it to be, I think. The summary on the cover is probably my favorite part: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Yes!

I enjoy his thoughts, very much,...but his writings are starting to feel very similar...

• ...which is why i'm currently reading What to Eat! (Recommended by Mr. P, ha!) - I'm obsessed with food things,...and i'm sure this book will continue to fuel my fire.

Nothing to Envy was something I picked up after watching this National Geo special, (also on Netflix!) It's completely intriguing in the strangest way. ...I started the book this morning, and i'm sure i'll be blown away...

I like books. And reading them. Also,...I take suggestions. (!!!)