catering with friends

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to take extended time off for travel, and spend a few days with some of our favorite people in the quiet countryside.

We all traveled to get to the prettiest part of Nebraska I've ever seen. Zach & Starr from Phoenix, Hollie & Micah from Denver, lots from Omaha,...and of course Andy & I from Minneapolis. It was so good to see their fun faces, and spend quality time in the wilderness with them all. 

We pitched in to help prep & serve food for Hollie's brother's wedding. The dishes Hollie came up with were amazing, and so so tasty. She's awesome. ...after the wedding the boys went on a hefty bike ride, while a few of us traveled north to the Nebraska/South Dakota border to stake out a spot for one lovely night of camping. We made it through the crazy storms, and still managed to start a fire and make yummy smores.  [Love.]