california conclusion

Finally: my California trip report is OVER. (Thanks for sticking with it.)

After our adventures in the mini-Redwood forest,…we drove to the ocean. It was completely peaceful and salty and mind clearing. It was perfect, but my camera was dead at this point. I hid it inside my coat, trying to avoid all the blowing salt >> but was determined to pull it out and force it to work for, please!, one shot of the sea.

It powered on, and I squatted down to take what seemed to be an interesting shot of: shoes. Luckily, my travel companions were quietly enjoying beach-ness in the background. It sluggishly processed the shot, and died seconds later.

Good work camera, good work.

…that evening we drove on and had the best meal of our trip. At a small cliff-side town we found fine food, good drinks and a quiet boat house on the water to enjoy our dessert and coffee in. The waves crashed, the sun set,…and highway 1 took us back home.

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