garden update: growth + mini issues

Lettuce growth, round 2! Yum!

This year, the weather seems to be all over the place. ...we had a late start in the spring and now that we're into summer, seem to have extremely hot days surprise us every couple weeks. Goo-fy.

We've enjoyed wonderful baby greens & herbs so far, otherwise, everything else is flowering and working hard at making us delicious food. Today with the heat, things are droopy. I've had a cabbage worm outbreak, a mysterious pepper-plant leaf-eater and a strawberry thief. Not too bad, though.

The tomatoes are out of control. Putting them in the ground this year (vs. pots) has proved to be a good move. However >> they're growing SO well, that I barely had space for the tomatillo plants I bought a little later this spring. Don't worry though,...I snuck them in.

When I got home from work today,...the crazy-viney pole beans had brand new purple flowers. I'm so excited, they're going to be a fun veggie. And these strawberries? A couple days after this photo they disappeared. Sadly, not because I'd eaten them myself, but because of my mystery garden guest. Oh boy.