the lost files: artcrank

I may have a slight problem keeping up with myself these days, but,...i've been looking back through my photos—trying to get them all organized. I have a handful of "lost files" - days where fun things happened, interesting things were photographed and none of it ever made it here. I hope to remedy that and share a few of the best.

Back in early April, Kelly + Andy + I went to the annual Artcrank show in northeast Minneapolis. We rode our bikes, grabbing some good food & drinks at Brasa beforehand. [Plantains & limes!] It was good. We saw some great local art (though I never did narrow in on one piece to buy, hm...) - and enjoyed all the bike-love. Mmm...yes.

Also, unrelated: I can't stop listening to The Antlers lately. The opening track is so dreamy.