texas style

I was lucky enough to find my way into this little project for the Texas Style Council. Bloggers: unite! Each year, fashion bloggers from all-over, join up in Austin TX for a networking event like no other. You can read all about them on their site >> but just know that these ladies and this conference, are awesome.

I've magically found myself involved with a handful of these great people... [ thanks to my lifelongawesomefriend: KELSEY ] ...and love it. I love fashion. I love people. And I love design. Getting to come along many of these ladies, through design, is wonderful.

The TxSC came to me needing some refreshment & direction. Their biggest missing piece was cohesiveness. I played with patterns and textures to give them plenty of elements to use however they might need. We have a great guidebook for outsiders to understand, at a quick glance, how they can get involved in the conference.

As always, thanks to the amazing people who've worked with me on this. ❤ 

2011 Texas Style Council photos © Nathan Russell Photography