office goodies: crash the ball

Some projects come really quickly, and need good design: fast.

Crash the Ball is the "younger-sibling" of the Orchestra's main fundraising event, Symphony Ball. It happens every summer,...and is a dress-up-get-fancy-give-money-dancing-party. CtB is less ballroom and more DJ. This year, the main Ball is based on Phantom of the Opera >> and the CtB co-chairs are only in the very beginning stages of how they're going to interpret the theme. ...however, they needed some business-style-cards, quick.

Something simple to promote the date and how to get involved. After a quick meeting with the boss, we had an idea for the visuals and put it in motion. Considering the time frame,...i'm pretty happy with it. Lots of fun party photos,...and those mysteriously-sexy masks. YES! ❤
**Also, non-office-related: i'm excited to get back on track, go through my last Christmas photos and do a good ol' recap of 2011. Whew. These last few weeks have been travel-mania, full of family & friend love. Recap: SOON.**