the switch

Well friends >> the time has come.

...I've been sneaking up on 7 steady years of work at the Orchestra, but it's time for a little transition.

Just a couple weeks ago >> I was offered a position at a little shop called Rêve. I'll share more after I get in, get settled—but just know, it's going to be good.

For now however >> I say FAREWELL to co-workers who have become my small daily family, and lots of work I never could have dreamed I'd be a part of. I mean >> Jim Brickman?!?! - growing up, playing piano—I loved that guy. Ha! Ben Folds? ...he's pretty cool. Dave Brubeck? So classy. ...and THE LORD OF THE RINGS Symphony!!! Ahhh!! ( watch as much of that video as you can,'s beautiful. ) I've been so lucky to be a part of such great work and design for such amazing musical projects. Really.

As I said to my crew, though: I'm not leaving the city—i'm still here. We're still friends, and we'll hang out again, right? Right. ❤