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weekend work

There's a project that i'm working on,...and I really just need to finish it. It's for myself,...but...still.
Somehow, I keep finding better things to do. [ AHHHH! ]

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends,...whatever you're trying to accomplish. ❤

currently: best morning retreat in minneapolis

We're in an interesting place with our weekend rituals. ...and it involves riducously tasty morning goodies & coffee. Getting out, [ morning / noon / night ] for a coffee break is something we've gotten in the habit of doing at least once every weekend. And lately,...we tend to look at each, and instinctively know where we're going. Sarah Botcher joined a recently moved shop a handful of months ago. ...and i'm a sucker for a freshly made flaky, buttery treat.

Someday I hope to thank her for waking [ most likely very early ] to make these delicious eats, for me.

chilly weather + coffee in hand

...just another lovely morning out with my ladies.

A neighborhood exploration took us to Patisserie 46 for coffee, pastries and morning yummies. In my mind I had a dreamy image of a cool, but sunny fall morning coffee-date. Don't be fooled by the smiles on our faces though, there was an extra bit of chillyness in the air. Luckily, they had a stack of blankets by our table for comfort. Cozy!

Kelly ordered the largest piece of coffee cake any of us had probaly ever seen, SO BIG!

As always,...I am lucky to have such wonderful friends. Goodness.

a labor day visit [from the south]

This past weekend we were lucky enough to spend some excellent quality time with 2 super-awesome people. Kelsey & Eric were sweet enough to drive up from Des Moines to visit us for a few days. We shopped, we talked, we laughed and we caught up on lots and lots of life things.

Kelsey was someone I always tried to mimick growing up. For years I studied her handwritting, trying soooo hard to draw it as perfect as she did. We stayed up late together, waiting for top-ten-countdown lists to play on the radio. We shared email passwords, because we trusted each other that much. She was amazing then, she's amazing now.

With baby on the way >> Kelsey & Eric have a lot to look foward too...and I couldn't be more thankful to have had them for the time we did. THANK YOU WILLIAMS TRIO, you truly made our weekend super freaking awesome.

Follow their lives!! Kelsey's fashion chronicles + The duos writings on life.

state rides & what to eat

This past Friday I sent myself to the mountains and Andy started his RAGBRAI adventure.

Last year, I really wanted to make some sort of energy/bar/treat/something,...but never had the time. So this year I decided on this simple recipe - and it is delicious. Seriously >> try it, even if you're just sitting at home (and not biking across a state!) - they're worth it.

You can find the recipe here.
I did one batch according to the recipe and one with more coconut + cocoa + cacao nibs. YUM!

constant craving: pastries & coffee

Tartine is a big deal for a reason. During our time in the city, we knew we had to go. Luckily, we could walk there from where we were staying. It was awesome.

It was crazy busy. Ordering and getting through the line was a little overwhelming, but once we had coffee-drinks and pastries in hand >> enjoying them outdoors calmed us down. There were a few parts of the trip that felt very dreamy; this was one of them. The crisp weather, warm yummy drinks/treats and the best company around >> made for a very movie-esque moment.

{ Love. }