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Last week I went out with good people to the MIAs Bike Night. Weeeeeee!

There were a few local frame builders there, booze & music. Plus, we filled our brains with old old art >> getting free passes to the current Rembrant exhibit. It was nice. always, and most importantly, I get to do these sort of things with some of my favorite people. [ Yesssssss! ]

Oh, and, side note: our photobooth shot is the main image on the event Flickr page. BAM!

pre-caucus date

Husband and I went out for a little education night with our friends. ...and by friends, I mean a bunch of random Minnesotans. For the record, I have no idea who I think the next President should be. Ok? Ok. ...but I will say, rallies are pretty great. The sense of connectedness to a bunch of random people? It's pretty awesome. ❤

Take-away: Be open! Get involved or educated about all this craziness, as much your gut can handle!*

*Mine can't handle much, FYI. My head usually starts hurting ( or spinning ) pretty quickly. Oh! politics! 

girl crush { & a first listen }

In my files of secret things, sits a dreamy photo stash of my favorite famous ladies.
Annie Clark, miss St. Vincent is one of them.

I'm reading a book right now about day job/dream job-ness, and the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced my dream job is being St. Vincent. ...or something along those lines. Her newest album is streaming right now (before it's out!) on NRP. I've been running it non-stop. Guys love her bad-ass guitar riffs - and I love, ...her.
{ PERSONAL FAVORITE JAMS:  Surgeon + Strange Mercy + Champagne Year }

Because of my outfit shout-out over here >> I thought i'd post a quick dreamy outfit here, inspired by all these songs I keep repeating. Oh Annie >> you're so awesome. Fashion! Fashion! { Love } 
Nordic Button Up Top  |  Cotton-blend plants by Chloe  |  Lipstick, anywhere  |  Strange Mercy  |  Sueded Perforated Oxfords, Old Navy

quick smiles

sorry to post videos >> i realize anyone can track down videos, repost,...whatev. BUT, when things are awesome - and the best way to share it is this way, i'm gonna do it.

i'll keep this short & sweet, and give a quick shout out for a most amazing show saturday night. seeing this business live, made the whole album so much more awesome. seriously. catch this tour if you can.

you'll be smiling for days.


girl crush { inspired by }

Throughout the days, my mind sometimes drifts.

Last Friday I was brainstorming, researching, etc - listening to [lots of!] Bat for Lashes. Somehow, those spacey/new-age/world-music sounds always make me happy. I know a thousand other people think this way and are inspired this way,...but it's still fun and I like it: music, into fashion & art.

As I surfed taste for the day definitely drifted one direction. It's too fun. Stripes, feathers, beads and dreamy illustrations. If I was feeling completely irresponsible,...I would buy all things. LOVE. THEM.

And because I feel like this is the nicest/smartest/most-legal-way-to-reference-things:
Polly Want a T-shirt, + Studded Slub Knit Top, + Excalibur Flat, + Arts Party Romper, + Giving Directions Top,+ Accessory Amore Necklace
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