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a little lovin'

A couple weekends ago, I was lucky enough to help out my little brother. He's getting married! [ a very awesome & lovely lady ] >> I grabbed my camera & my handsome (husband) assistant, as we ran around the Iowa country. Lots of moments were captured—and I love looking at their happy happy faces. I like love, so much.

These are a few of my favorites. 

spring in colorado: pt 3

We woke up to a clear & gorgeous day. ...perfect for driving back to the city,...and we decided to take the long route through Rocky Mountain National.

...let's just say, it was both beautiful and terrifying.

No picture did it justice. The drive takes you high high into the peaks >> the roads are narrow,...and I think we concluded that they probably shouldn't let normal people drive there. However, it still was crazy-amazing.

Back in Denver,...we relaxed for the night with some drinks & porch time.

The next day we had to head back home,...BUT found time for a lovely brunch and one last moment of relaxation in a beautiful city park. THANKS FOR THE TIME FRIENDS: you're the best. Best best.

spring in colorado: pt 2

...after our long drive through the mountains, we ended up somewhere around Steamboat Springs >> where the boys decided to rent bikes and climb a mountain. Hollie & I decided to take care of the important work ( err ),...and checked into the cabin, sat on the deck and had conversation with snow-peak views.

The Beaver cabin treated us well.

After the boys finished their crazy ride ( apparently it took them 2/2.5 hours to ride up,...and like 12 minutes to get down - CRAZY KIDS )...we picked them up and came back to the cabin. We chopped wood, into our comfy clothes,...started fires ( it's cold in those hills! ) >> and shared cheese & wine & beers for dinner. ❤

spring in colorado: pt 1

Over Memorial weekend >> we were lucky enough to visit our favorite people in the mountains. The adventure wasn't nearly long enough ( as always ) >> BUT, we did have a lovely lovely time. ...and looking back through these photos, cracks me up. [ Micah >> you're ridiculous. You make me laugh soooo much. ]

Colorado picked us up early from our flight,...and we instantly headed into the mountains.
...stopping at Grand Lake first >> the weather was CRAZY PERFECT.

...this trip was seriously relaxing. ...and we needed it. [ We needed them. ]
The mountains ARE AWESOME.

neighborhood family fun

[ I have a lot of camera clean-off to do,...and here's one little fun-day from it! ]

Somewhere in the middle of all my job transitioning the past few weeks >> I was lucky enough to join my Grandma & aunt Teresa for a little Linden Hills adventure. We had a lovely lunch, walked the neighborhood a bit and simply enjoyed the afternoon. It was lovely!

...and of couse, we made a much needed stop at the always tasty: Sebastian Joe's. ❤

little lovin'

This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit a couple of my favorite people >> and see their newest additions.

My lovely friends, Kelsey & Eric, welcomed little Rooney six weeks ago,...and had a shower for her back in our hometown. She was amazing and little and beautiful. Besides getting to meet her >> it was excellent to sit and catch up with Kelsey & Eric ( although TOO BRIEF ). They've been sharing their amazing journey over on their blog.

For now >> here are a few more pictures of Roo's pretty little face.
( Next time,...i'll get a better family shot. Sorry 'bout that Williams crew! )

[ She's totally smiling! Good job Roo! ]

I miss her,...I miss them.
Congratulations, AGAIN to my dear friends.
...I already completely admire their parenting, and wish them lots of awesome days ahead. 

pre-caucus date

Husband and I went out for a little education night with our friends. ...and by friends, I mean a bunch of random Minnesotans. For the record, I have no idea who I think the next President should be. Ok? Ok. ...but I will say, rallies are pretty great. The sense of connectedness to a bunch of random people? It's pretty awesome. ❤

Take-away: Be open! Get involved or educated about all this craziness, as much your gut can handle!*

*Mine can't handle much, FYI. My head usually starts hurting ( or spinning ) pretty quickly. Oh! politics! 

to the cheese! [ and family ]

Last weekend we rode with my aunt & uncle into the farmlands of Wisconsin. We were gathering with my mom's side of the family >> out on her sister's lovely farm. Animals and wood and lots of openness, it's a beautiful get-a-way.

We spent the weekend drinking & eating & talking >> and it was great to see everyone that was able to make it. A rousing [intense!] game of BINGO happened & the weather, really, stayed perfect. What a weird year here...the snow has hardly stuck around + it's kinda crazy. Over Thanksgiving we celebrated with my dad's side of the family [hence this being Christmas 1.5] + this weekend we're heading to Iowa to see my family, and next weekend Nebraska. Here we go!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS ❤

always stop: worth brewing

As I mentioned [ here ] >> Worth Brewing is one of the coolest places we go when we're back home visiting my family. Started by a man who's got a really good history of beer-ness, it's seriously a little gem.

The building is awesome, and so charming. Everything about it, is amazingly enjoyable.

We were there this past weekend with my family & it was the perfect end to our time. We ordered pizza from the shop next door, had some samples of what was on tap,...and enjoyed a little live music and conversation.

If you have the chance >> check it out. DO IT.

ducks n things

This past weekend >> Andy & I took a little trip down to visit my family. The night we got in, we headed out to support the local Ducks Unlimited chapter, and got to meet my brother's lady: Lauren*.

It was a good night of drinks and talkin' and auction/banquet fun. 

The following day we relaxed over breakfast and a little chill time around the house (which i'm always thankful for). We shopped around town a bit >>> and ended the night by stopping over at Worth Brewing. (...seriously one of my favorite places to stop when we're there—more on that later...)

Until then, here are some views from the weekend—non-brew related.

*For the record: I approve, x 1,000,000,0000000000000000.

[ one of ] my favorite things!

Ahh! - It's so hard for me to keep up with things that happen. (Sorry for the time-lapse in posts!)
I apologize to all my loyal fans.


BUT >> seeing all the pretty faces here, should be worth the wait.

The other weekend >> my awesome northern friends got together for our annual fall outing. To the orchard we traveled... We ventured through the corn maze,...found chickens, pumpkins, slides (so fast!), hay, cider, music, donuts aaaaand good times.

Again, I love fall, A LOT. That is all. ❤

Note: Colleen did not fall on her bum following this photo. So swift, so swift.

As we ate our yummy donuts,...I couldn't stop watching this girl. Cutest thing ever! She was protecting her fooood! So awesome!

[ PS + There will be a weee bit more to this post; a short follow up of sorts. Watch for it! ]

checkin' out: pawnee city!

Since we've been married, there has been one Grandma of Andy's that i've had yet to meet. Luckily - I did it! I met her! ...and she's amazing. So sweet, so great at making pies and such a great hostess.

Irma lives in Pawnee City, NE,...nearly on the Kansas border >> on the edge of the small town. In fact, also on the edge of town is a Winery/Brewery that we were able to walk to. YUM! - It was the perfect day for such an adventure. Besides the trip for a nice drink, we sat on the deck looking through photos albums, ate a couple of excellent meals and shared stories about life.

I'm so thankful to have had that time. Andy & I both had a wonderful day. ❤

jason & sally 4 life

The other weekend one of Andy's long-time friends, Jason >> got married!

We were lucky enough to join him and his new lady, Sally, for their awesome day. Omaha was lovely - the weather, perfect. And the reception was a brunch!, in an awesome building! [ So cool. ]

A couple of our other friends were there too, and it was so great to seem them and give them hugs. What a nice time. Congrats Jason & Sally!

last days, chicago [part 2]

I basically forgot to take any pictures our second day in the city >> but just know, we spent our morning in a coffeeshop (it rained quite a bit while we were there) - and spent the afternoon walking around looking for shopping treasure. >> On our way home, day two,...we found a great little wine/cheese/dinner-spot, and it was wonderful. We ordred a bottle of champagne and everything,...whoa. Anniversary celebration!!

Our final full day in Chicago >> we took our time getting around the city, and eventually ended up on the museum strip that takes you all the way out to the Planetarium. Oh, space and stars and things,...I love you. (I definitely had constellation stickers all over my ceiling when I was younger.) >> After our adventures there >> we wrapped up our time >> and came back home.

Thanks Chicago! 

first days, chicago [ part 1 ]

We caught a really good deal on plane tickets to Chicago, and were able to take a little extra time off work to explore the city over our anniversary weekend. Adventures!

As it goes - I didn't take a ton of great pictures, (I missed an entire day!) but i'll do my best to share what we did get! Our first stop, as we waited for hotel check-in time >> Giordano's. A couple people suggested grabbing pizza here >> and after our flight, this seemed like an easy stop. YUMMY.

After checking in, we went for a walk down to the water. Stopping at the super great: Intelligentsia (we had too) - and onward to Navy Pier. I love some good ferris wheel time >> and margaritas on the waterfront. Mmmmm...


A special shout out for 2 years of marriage today.

I'm currently away, celebrating with my handsome man. I had to steal him away, from work and life and schedules and have him all to myself for a few days. Greedy, I know, but he's worth all my time. Cheers to 2 years of solid married love, those lessons & seasons before and to come.

An extra thank you to the solid friends who stood with us that day, and still rock our world, now. I can't believe I was ever lucky enough to have met you all. I still can't get enough of you today. { Lots of love }

chilly weather + coffee in hand

...just another lovely morning out with my ladies.

A neighborhood exploration took us to Patisserie 46 for coffee, pastries and morning yummies. In my mind I had a dreamy image of a cool, but sunny fall morning coffee-date. Don't be fooled by the smiles on our faces though, there was an extra bit of chillyness in the air. Luckily, they had a stack of blankets by our table for comfort. Cozy!

Kelly ordered the largest piece of coffee cake any of us had probaly ever seen, SO BIG!

As always,...I am lucky to have such wonderful friends. Goodness.

a labor day visit [from the south]

This past weekend we were lucky enough to spend some excellent quality time with 2 super-awesome people. Kelsey & Eric were sweet enough to drive up from Des Moines to visit us for a few days. We shopped, we talked, we laughed and we caught up on lots and lots of life things.

Kelsey was someone I always tried to mimick growing up. For years I studied her handwritting, trying soooo hard to draw it as perfect as she did. We stayed up late together, waiting for top-ten-countdown lists to play on the radio. We shared email passwords, because we trusted each other that much. She was amazing then, she's amazing now.

With baby on the way >> Kelsey & Eric have a lot to look foward too...and I couldn't be more thankful to have had them for the time we did. THANK YOU WILLIAMS TRIO, you truly made our weekend super freaking awesome.

Follow their lives!! Kelsey's fashion chronicles + The duos writings on life.