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Last week I went out with good people to the MIAs Bike Night. Weeeeeee!

There were a few local frame builders there, booze & music. Plus, we filled our brains with old old art >> getting free passes to the current Rembrant exhibit. It was nice. always, and most importantly, I get to do these sort of things with some of my favorite people. [ Yesssssss! ]

Oh, and, side note: our photobooth shot is the main image on the event Flickr page. BAM!

spring in colorado: pt 3

We woke up to a clear & gorgeous day. ...perfect for driving back to the city,...and we decided to take the long route through Rocky Mountain National.

...let's just say, it was both beautiful and terrifying.

No picture did it justice. The drive takes you high high into the peaks >> the roads are narrow,...and I think we concluded that they probably shouldn't let normal people drive there. However, it still was crazy-amazing.

Back in Denver,...we relaxed for the night with some drinks & porch time.

The next day we had to head back home,...BUT found time for a lovely brunch and one last moment of relaxation in a beautiful city park. THANKS FOR THE TIME FRIENDS: you're the best. Best best.

spring in colorado: pt 2

...after our long drive through the mountains, we ended up somewhere around Steamboat Springs >> where the boys decided to rent bikes and climb a mountain. Hollie & I decided to take care of the important work ( err ),...and checked into the cabin, sat on the deck and had conversation with snow-peak views.

The Beaver cabin treated us well.

After the boys finished their crazy ride ( apparently it took them 2/2.5 hours to ride up,...and like 12 minutes to get down - CRAZY KIDS )...we picked them up and came back to the cabin. We chopped wood, into our comfy clothes,...started fires ( it's cold in those hills! ) >> and shared cheese & wine & beers for dinner. ❤

spring in colorado: pt 1

Over Memorial weekend >> we were lucky enough to visit our favorite people in the mountains. The adventure wasn't nearly long enough ( as always ) >> BUT, we did have a lovely lovely time. ...and looking back through these photos, cracks me up. [ Micah >> you're ridiculous. You make me laugh soooo much. ]

Colorado picked us up early from our flight,...and we instantly headed into the mountains.
...stopping at Grand Lake first >> the weather was CRAZY PERFECT.

...this trip was seriously relaxing. ...and we needed it. [ We needed them. ]
The mountains ARE AWESOME.

my goodness...this man. this jam.

I was lucky enough to see this man last weekend >> and my goodness. ...I don't know what it is, but I can stop watching this video; his stupid-sexy moves. BAH. [ Don't worry,...husband agrees. ]

Seriously >> addicted to this for life.

little lovin'

This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit a couple of my favorite people >> and see their newest additions.

My lovely friends, Kelsey & Eric, welcomed little Rooney six weeks ago,...and had a shower for her back in our hometown. She was amazing and little and beautiful. Besides getting to meet her >> it was excellent to sit and catch up with Kelsey & Eric ( although TOO BRIEF ). They've been sharing their amazing journey over on their blog.

For now >> here are a few more pictures of Roo's pretty little face.
( Next time,...i'll get a better family shot. Sorry 'bout that Williams crew! )

[ She's totally smiling! Good job Roo! ]

I miss her,...I miss them.
Congratulations, AGAIN to my dear friends.
...I already completely admire their parenting, and wish them lots of awesome days ahead. 

all the lovely babes

They're coming! Babies! So many babies!

Many lovely friends are expecting their first [ and second! ] little ones within the next few months. A couple of my favorite people expect to see their little lady, very soon. I patiently wait. [ Eeeee!! ] I'm excited to see them all in real-life. There will be so many adorable photos in the coming months, I just know it.

Wishing the moms and dads and parents-to-be, lots of joy and peace right now.
And congrats to these friends of ours on handsome little Gabe! [ So many cute faces. Goodness. ] ❤


good design stuff: nike training club

This is really not my thing, but somehow >> they got me. Nike got me,...with this lovely [ FREE ] app.

The app was mentioned over here for brand-building reasons,...and I've seen it pop-up in a handful of other places, too. And it's worth all the hype. This is, from what i've discovered so far,...the prettiest app i've seen. Plus, it's actually awesome and helpful. I can barely walk today because of yesterday's butt-kicking workout. 

Congrats to the entire design-team on this one—whoever they all are.
...even the promo videos are spooky // clean // sassy // & awesome. Er?...YES! ❤ 

books + magazines + things

The other weekend we stopped at the Library for some fun exploration. Turns out the Library in our neighborhood is just,...OK. It's pretty hard to top the massive wonder that is Minneapolis Central. Anywho: found a couple magazines,...books,...etc. But, mostly failed. Cleaving, the follow-up to Julie & Julia, wasn't even something I could get 7 chapters into. I'm passing on that one,...and Oprah magazine? Turns out that's not very cool, either. HA!

I still love books,...and looking through them. And enjoyed a walk in the neighborhood. ❤ 

pre-caucus date

Husband and I went out for a little education night with our friends. ...and by friends, I mean a bunch of random Minnesotans. For the record, I have no idea who I think the next President should be. Ok? Ok. ...but I will say, rallies are pretty great. The sense of connectedness to a bunch of random people? It's pretty awesome. ❤

Take-away: Be open! Get involved or educated about all this craziness, as much your gut can handle!*

*Mine can't handle much, FYI. My head usually starts hurting ( or spinning ) pretty quickly. Oh! politics! 

a little update: seeing

...i unexpectedly had to choose a new pair of glasses last week. Oops! I needed to update my lenses, and somehow, the tech broke my old frames at the lab. SADFACE. [ old style is, of course, now discontinued. ] >> My perscription is pretty intense, so these larger frames aren't exactly what they'd suggest, but i'm trying it!

I told them my glasses were nearly this large, or bigger!, when I was five—so what's the difference?!

So far >> i'm not seeing colors perfectly on my computer work—and get funny colored boxes around different onscreen things. GOOFY. Considering this is my days work as a designer >> i'm gonna keep looking into it. Maybe these ones won't last long,...but until then...


what the weekend told me

Hover & click, for full story.

Andy & I laughed as we read these fortunes—in this order. ...our weekend, in general, was filled with lots of relaxation and some easy food choices. We caught up on Dexter, listened to music, got our first snowfall that kinda stuck around, talked and did a few things around the house. Here begins another 2012 week!... ❤

i never win!!!

Ah! I did it! I won something on a blog! BAM!

I just got an email this morning from the Where The Lovely Things Are blog [ totally worth following ] - that I'd won this giveaway! Woo! [ Sorry...I'm clearly excited about my new tee. ] Ah! ...anyway, I figured the least I could do was mention it all here. You can get a nice little discount from the Lovely blog,...and can look at all the other excellent tees on the Poppy & Moe site.