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spring in colorado: pt 3

We woke up to a clear & gorgeous day. ...perfect for driving back to the city,...and we decided to take the long route through Rocky Mountain National.

...let's just say, it was both beautiful and terrifying.

No picture did it justice. The drive takes you high high into the peaks >> the roads are narrow,...and I think we concluded that they probably shouldn't let normal people drive there. However, it still was crazy-amazing.

Back in Denver,...we relaxed for the night with some drinks & porch time.

The next day we had to head back home,...BUT found time for a lovely brunch and one last moment of relaxation in a beautiful city park. THANKS FOR THE TIME FRIENDS: you're the best. Best best.

spring in colorado: pt 2

...after our long drive through the mountains, we ended up somewhere around Steamboat Springs >> where the boys decided to rent bikes and climb a mountain. Hollie & I decided to take care of the important work ( err ),...and checked into the cabin, sat on the deck and had conversation with snow-peak views.

The Beaver cabin treated us well.

After the boys finished their crazy ride ( apparently it took them 2/2.5 hours to ride up,...and like 12 minutes to get down - CRAZY KIDS )...we picked them up and came back to the cabin. We chopped wood, into our comfy clothes,...started fires ( it's cold in those hills! ) >> and shared cheese & wine & beers for dinner. ❤

spring in colorado: pt 1

Over Memorial weekend >> we were lucky enough to visit our favorite people in the mountains. The adventure wasn't nearly long enough ( as always ) >> BUT, we did have a lovely lovely time. ...and looking back through these photos, cracks me up. [ Micah >> you're ridiculous. You make me laugh soooo much. ]

Colorado picked us up early from our flight,...and we instantly headed into the mountains.
...stopping at Grand Lake first >> the weather was CRAZY PERFECT.

...this trip was seriously relaxing. ...and we needed it. [ We needed them. ]
The mountains ARE AWESOME.

afton minnesota getaway

The other weekend we were able to slip away to Afton, MN and explore over by the river.

One of my freelance clients paid me with a getaway to an Inn. It was wonderful. This month has been a little foggy—flying by and dragging on, all at the same time. This mini-retreat was just what we needed to refresh our minds.

We explored the small downtown in Hudson, WI,...and had a lovely night out for dinner in Stillwater. All the little towns along the St. Croix are cozy and perfect. The snowy, slushy weather sent us home a little early, but we didn't mind. ...thanks to my friend for the thoughful gift. ❤

checkin' out: pawnee city!

Since we've been married, there has been one Grandma of Andy's that i've had yet to meet. Luckily - I did it! I met her! ...and she's amazing. So sweet, so great at making pies and such a great hostess.

Irma lives in Pawnee City, NE,...nearly on the Kansas border >> on the edge of the small town. In fact, also on the edge of town is a Winery/Brewery that we were able to walk to. YUM! - It was the perfect day for such an adventure. Besides the trip for a nice drink, we sat on the deck looking through photos albums, ate a couple of excellent meals and shared stories about life.

I'm so thankful to have had that time. Andy & I both had a wonderful day. ❤

jason & sally 4 life

The other weekend one of Andy's long-time friends, Jason >> got married!

We were lucky enough to join him and his new lady, Sally, for their awesome day. Omaha was lovely - the weather, perfect. And the reception was a brunch!, in an awesome building! [ So cool. ]

A couple of our other friends were there too, and it was so great to seem them and give them hugs. What a nice time. Congrats Jason & Sally!

last days, chicago [part 2]

I basically forgot to take any pictures our second day in the city >> but just know, we spent our morning in a coffeeshop (it rained quite a bit while we were there) - and spent the afternoon walking around looking for shopping treasure. >> On our way home, day two,...we found a great little wine/cheese/dinner-spot, and it was wonderful. We ordred a bottle of champagne and everything,...whoa. Anniversary celebration!!

Our final full day in Chicago >> we took our time getting around the city, and eventually ended up on the museum strip that takes you all the way out to the Planetarium. Oh, space and stars and things,...I love you. (I definitely had constellation stickers all over my ceiling when I was younger.) >> After our adventures there >> we wrapped up our time >> and came back home.

Thanks Chicago! 

first days, chicago [ part 1 ]

We caught a really good deal on plane tickets to Chicago, and were able to take a little extra time off work to explore the city over our anniversary weekend. Adventures!

As it goes - I didn't take a ton of great pictures, (I missed an entire day!) but i'll do my best to share what we did get! Our first stop, as we waited for hotel check-in time >> Giordano's. A couple people suggested grabbing pizza here >> and after our flight, this seemed like an easy stop. YUMMY.

After checking in, we went for a walk down to the water. Stopping at the super great: Intelligentsia (we had too) - and onward to Navy Pier. I love some good ferris wheel time >> and margaritas on the waterfront. Mmmmm...

a wisconsin wedd'n

Last weekend I was lucky enough to join my family in Wisconsin for my cousin Ben's wedding. They threw quite the party >> and had no problem entertaining us the entire time.

They entered the ceremony in their trucks (they both drive for a livin') - and released pheasants once all was said and done. It was relaxed and fun, and really, a great celebration. They're so in love, and we're so excited for them. [There were so many fun things to take pictures of,...bear with me as I try to narrow it down for my photo recap.] Thanks Wisconsin! Thanks Ben & Trudy!

{ Love! }

catering with friends

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to take extended time off for travel, and spend a few days with some of our favorite people in the quiet countryside.

We all traveled to get to the prettiest part of Nebraska I've ever seen. Zach & Starr from Phoenix, Hollie & Micah from Denver, lots from Omaha,...and of course Andy & I from Minneapolis. It was so good to see their fun faces, and spend quality time in the wilderness with them all. 

We pitched in to help prep & serve food for Hollie's brother's wedding. The dishes Hollie came up with were amazing, and so so tasty. She's awesome. ...after the wedding the boys went on a hefty bike ride, while a few of us traveled north to the Nebraska/South Dakota border to stake out a spot for one lovely night of camping. We made it through the crazy storms, and still managed to start a fire and make yummy smores.  [Love.]

california conclusion

Finally: my California trip report is OVER. (Thanks for sticking with it.)

After our adventures in the mini-Redwood forest,…we drove to the ocean. It was completely peaceful and salty and mind clearing. It was perfect, but my camera was dead at this point. I hid it inside my coat, trying to avoid all the blowing salt >> but was determined to pull it out and force it to work for, please!, one shot of the sea.

It powered on, and I squatted down to take what seemed to be an interesting shot of: shoes. Luckily, my travel companions were quietly enjoying beach-ness in the background. It sluggishly processed the shot, and died seconds later.

Good work camera, good work.

…that evening we drove on and had the best meal of our trip. At a small cliff-side town we found fine food, good drinks and a quiet boat house on the water to enjoy our dessert and coffee in. The waves crashed, the sun set,…and highway 1 took us back home.

For a full report of my travels to the California coast, click here. Then read through our adventures and get lost in the dreamy places. {LOVE}

mossy mossy

After our lovely visit to the vineyard, we drove on to the coast. Along the way,…we were directed to this "mini" redwood forest. Apparently it was still young >> so the trees were nowhere near their potential size.


Hollie & I took a leisurely stroll while the boys ran around the forest. Luckily, we all came back together safely.

My camera was nearly dead at this point, on one of the most beautiful days of all. My final photo of the trip, the last great one I took,…will come tomorrow. And this documentation will be over.

…for now, here is more awesome greenness.

constant craving: pastries & coffee

Tartine is a big deal for a reason. During our time in the city, we knew we had to go. Luckily, we could walk there from where we were staying. It was awesome.

It was crazy busy. Ordering and getting through the line was a little overwhelming, but once we had coffee-drinks and pastries in hand >> enjoying them outdoors calmed us down. There were a few parts of the trip that felt very dreamy; this was one of them. The crisp weather, warm yummy drinks/treats and the best company around >> made for a very movie-esque moment.

{ Love. }

all those faces

After a couple days of walking around A LOT, we decided to take a short adventure to this long pier-type-thing (sorry, I don't know what it's really called!) - that surrounded a mini-harbor, with a great view of the city. Looking through these photos, I realized we all just stood around a lot, made goofy faces and relaxed here.

We were pretty tired at this point, and wanted to kill time until evening dinner.

I love all these faces.

And, thank you for sticking with this very drawn-out report from my California travels. I get distracted easily.

[ I thought i'd leave you with this handsome face. ]

the transportation that happened, and didn't

Before we even left for California,…Hollie and I had some goooooood ideas about how to best check out the city. But once we got there, we thought our money might be better spent on a bus. With a guide.

The weather was overall lovely (not complaining!) - but it was chilly.

The idea of zipping around in a little open top car sounded cold,…and opting for the bus seemed like a much better idea. Of course,…the bus had to be an open-top-one. HA! ….aaaaand, as we crossed The Bridge into the north bay,…and in to Sausalito (such a dreamy little town), my camera died. Grrr! So,…no initial pictures of the famous bridge or the little town I loved so much, just a couple cold friends.


a glimpse of the bay

Bah! - Sorry for the break in San Francisco updates. Looking back at the photos is so dreamy, I don't know why I'm taking my sweet time putting up all our fun adventures. I'm committed to completing my report-back this week. Or maybe next? (Eee!)

After our lovely breakfast we navigated ourselves along the bay, eventually ending up in the Fisherman's Wharf area. So many people were out. (Awesome mild-weather sunshine-ness!) We walked for hours and enjoyed the sensory overload. Also: we found the sourdough, friends, we found the sourdough. YUM.

one big building of things

Looking back on all our photos from CA, i'm of course kicking myself for not snapping so many things. Either because I wasn't thinking about it, or because my camera died. Then again, that probably means I was relaxing and enjoying the wonderful company—which is how it should be.

Most moments following our lovely breakfast, were poorly documented. So many awesome things, missed.
[ Except this Micah-face. See how happy he is to be in San Francisco! So much love! ]

The Ferry Building was really awesome. Again, a perfect kick-start to our trip. It had a market-style-feel, and we discovered a small handful of things that "haunted" us throughout our trip. Blue Door Coffee, Meitte and lovely stands of produce. Hollie & I also stumbled upon a Heath Ceramics front, which i've been in love with forever. Most all of their sets are a little out of my price range, but I can only imagine that they're worth it.