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little lovin'

This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit a couple of my favorite people >> and see their newest additions.

My lovely friends, Kelsey & Eric, welcomed little Rooney six weeks ago,...and had a shower for her back in our hometown. She was amazing and little and beautiful. Besides getting to meet her >> it was excellent to sit and catch up with Kelsey & Eric ( although TOO BRIEF ). They've been sharing their amazing journey over on their blog.

For now >> here are a few more pictures of Roo's pretty little face.
( Next time,...i'll get a better family shot. Sorry 'bout that Williams crew! )

[ She's totally smiling! Good job Roo! ]

I miss her,...I miss them.
Congratulations, AGAIN to my dear friends.
...I already completely admire their parenting, and wish them lots of awesome days ahead. 

all the lovely babes

They're coming! Babies! So many babies!

Many lovely friends are expecting their first [ and second! ] little ones within the next few months. A couple of my favorite people expect to see their little lady, very soon. I patiently wait. [ Eeeee!! ] I'm excited to see them all in real-life. There will be so many adorable photos in the coming months, I just know it.

Wishing the moms and dads and parents-to-be, lots of joy and peace right now.
And congrats to these friends of ours on handsome little Gabe! [ So many cute faces. Goodness. ] ❤


excellent content, busy bodies

This week, we were able to share dinner with wonderful friends of ours who both have some of the cutest kids ever. I realized though, that trying to get decent pictures of them, is nearly impossible. Seriously. Those little butts scoot around so fast! And if they're not moving, they're grabbin' for the camera. Whew.

I did not capture their cute faces like I had hoped, but here they are anyway. Full of blurry, sweet expression.

Lots of love to Kristofer & Amy, who have another little one on the way any day now! : )