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texas style

I was lucky enough to find my way into this little project for the Texas Style Council. Bloggers: unite! Each year, fashion bloggers from all-over, join up in Austin TX for a networking event like no other. You can read all about them on their site >> but just know that these ladies and this conference, are awesome.

I've magically found myself involved with a handful of these great people... [ thanks to my lifelongawesomefriend: KELSEY ] ...and love it. I love fashion. I love people. And I love design. Getting to come along many of these ladies, through design, is wonderful.

The TxSC came to me needing some refreshment & direction. Their biggest missing piece was cohesiveness. I played with patterns and textures to give them plenty of elements to use however they might need. We have a great guidebook for outsiders to understand, at a quick glance, how they can get involved in the conference.

As always, thanks to the amazing people who've worked with me on this. ❤ 

2011 Texas Style Council photos © Nathan Russell Photography

on display

A number of weeks ago, one of my favorite ladies, mentioned catching this exhibit at the Walker if possible. ...and it happened! Last week >> I went with a couple other designers [+husband] to check out the last days of the special feature. It was great.

I'm reminded again, why I love my job. Design makes life goooood. And happy.

For some reason,...this guys identity system made me really happy. One: it was really fun & inspiring. But maybe it was the way he included his lady into it all. Romance in design is extra-good. ❤

office goodies: crash the ball

Some projects come really quickly, and need good design: fast.

Crash the Ball is the "younger-sibling" of the Orchestra's main fundraising event, Symphony Ball. It happens every summer,...and is a dress-up-get-fancy-give-money-dancing-party. CtB is less ballroom and more DJ. This year, the main Ball is based on Phantom of the Opera >> and the CtB co-chairs are only in the very beginning stages of how they're going to interpret the theme. ...however, they needed some business-style-cards, quick.

Something simple to promote the date and how to get involved. After a quick meeting with the boss, we had an idea for the visuals and put it in motion. Considering the time frame,...i'm pretty happy with it. Lots of fun party photos,...and those mysteriously-sexy masks. YES! ❤
**Also, non-office-related: i'm excited to get back on track, go through my last Christmas photos and do a good ol' recap of 2011. Whew. These last few weeks have been travel-mania, full of family & friend love. Recap: SOON.**

soooo close [ williams & williams ]

My dear friends have been working hard this past year >> and over the last month or so, I've gotten the chance to work with them on the launch of their photography business.
Right now, they'll be starting by sharing their work through Facebook [ check it out! ] - and sometime next year will launch a full site. For now, we've worked together to give them a look that'll hopefully get them off to a good start. It's been a fun project, probably because they're awesome and have great taste. [ Congrats Kelsey & Eric >> enjoy taking all those photos! ]

in the queue

Helloooooo! I wanted to share a quick snapshot of one of the cool projects i'm working on right now: ice skating! I met the wonderful team at the Braemar Skating Club a few weeks ago, and have been excited to brainstorm on their design and site build. 

I'm working with a great programmer on getting the site together, and will be excited to share the final results in a couple months. Right now >> we're wrapping up the beginning branding stages, and it's looking good! FUN! 

pattern love for the holidays

It's pattern-city on the Orchestra holiday materials, this year.

Lots of fun textures and colors. I thought i'd line them up and see how they look. Hmmm... I'm also pushing for soft-touch varnishes on as many of the materials as I can…soooooooo soft.

[ it won't really translate at all in photos, but... ]
Anyway: { Projects coming soon! }

more: side projects.

Hey-o! It's a new year. YES!

Here's to a wonderful one. Many more days of learning and growing up, with my favorite people. [Cheers!]

In the meantime, i'm still rocking through some fun side projects >> and here's an update to some existing work I have out there. I initially thought I would update this look with glossy-button-type-logos, which was something I was interested in learning stylistically, but I tried, and it looked bad. Eeep! It's either not my thing, or not the right project for such a style. Anywho. I liked this, because Jill is awesome and so trusting of nearly anything I come up with.

Bless her.

...she has no idea how much I need projects like that sometimes. Whew!

Logos: simplified. Colors: updated. Style & Feel: mostly the same.

side work: encouragement

Under my list of projects, you'll find some work for Wooddale Church. I'm currently working on graphics for a their first 2011 series >> and thought i'd toss some pretty mock-ups, here.

I think things turned out pretty nice! The series didn't have much creative direction, so I wanted to keep it simple. Literal. And, well...I seem to really like talk-bubbles these days, so I gave it another go! I love doing side work like this that allows me to do nearly anything I want. Fun!

awe,...that's nice!

I came into the office this morning to find some nice emails floating around about the Holiday graphics, as we kick-off our seasonal campaign. I don't know Karl personally...but it was really nice of him to even mention them.

Orchestra design-fans!
[Love it.]

...I'm actually really excited about the design this year. I love how the color palette turned out >> and with the uncoated stock we've been using, it really looks nice. A little old-school and very cozy.

More to come in a couple months! 

design camp: recharge

My office is amazing. The other weekend I was lucky enough to head north, stay in a gorgeous location and charge my creative-ness at AIGA Minnesota's: Design Camp.

In all honesty, I left feel a mix of two things: inspired & overwhelmed. The speakers were amazing, the location was refreshing and constantly being around positive-talk [career-wise] was amazing. At the same time, most of the workshops on tech-y stuff left me completely deflated >> I barely understood a word of what they said.

But, I can't complain. Stuff like that is good, really.'s pushing me to read-up more on the latest and greatest things. Even if I can't fully understand it, i'm trying. And on a lot of things, i'm learning to let go — letting techies do what they do best: make the internet a more entertaining place for us all.

Here's a round-up list of what I loved.

SevnthSin: These guys were super cool. Super informative. And basically, are really great at what they do.

Frank Chimero: ...this guy does a lot of things, and is good at them all.
Karim Charlebois Zariffa: was great. I artistically will never think like him, but...that's what was so inspiring.

Stop motion for STM from Karim Zariffa on Vimeo.

And finally,...personally >> (on that refreshing-level I mentioned), were these quick moments and these lovely views...
Thanks Minnesota, you're the best.