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I was lucky enough to find my way into this little project for the Texas Style Council. Bloggers: unite! Each year, fashion bloggers from all-over, join up in Austin TX for a networking event like no other. You can read all about them on their site >> but just know that these ladies and this conference, are awesome.

I've magically found myself involved with a handful of these great people... [ thanks to my lifelongawesomefriend: KELSEY ] ...and love it. I love fashion. I love people. And I love design. Getting to come along many of these ladies, through design, is wonderful.

The TxSC came to me needing some refreshment & direction. Their biggest missing piece was cohesiveness. I played with patterns and textures to give them plenty of elements to use however they might need. We have a great guidebook for outsiders to understand, at a quick glance, how they can get involved in the conference.

As always, thanks to the amazing people who've worked with me on this. ❤ 

2011 Texas Style Council photos © Nathan Russell Photography

a little update: seeing

...i unexpectedly had to choose a new pair of glasses last week. Oops! I needed to update my lenses, and somehow, the tech broke my old frames at the lab. SADFACE. [ old style is, of course, now discontinued. ] >> My perscription is pretty intense, so these larger frames aren't exactly what they'd suggest, but i'm trying it!

I told them my glasses were nearly this large, or bigger!, when I was five—so what's the difference?!

So far >> i'm not seeing colors perfectly on my computer work—and get funny colored boxes around different onscreen things. GOOFY. Considering this is my days work as a designer >> i'm gonna keep looking into it. Maybe these ones won't last long,...but until then...


playing dress up: grandma fashions

A couple weeks ago, miss Kelly and I got together to take some photographs of her in her grandma's old (awesome) clothing. I thought the idea was oh-so-cool and was thankful to help in any way I could >> even though i'm a complete awkward photo-shooter! (Sorry for the poor direction Kelly Benz,…thanks for being so lovely and cool enough to art direct yourself! eep!)

You can read all the detailed facts over on her blog >> but in a nutshell: she plans on sending some of the fun photos to her grandma as a gift. …such a sweet idea.

girl crush { & a first listen }

In my files of secret things, sits a dreamy photo stash of my favorite famous ladies.
Annie Clark, miss St. Vincent is one of them.

I'm reading a book right now about day job/dream job-ness, and the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced my dream job is being St. Vincent. ...or something along those lines. Her newest album is streaming right now (before it's out!) on NRP. I've been running it non-stop. Guys love her bad-ass guitar riffs - and I love, ...her.
{ PERSONAL FAVORITE JAMS:  Surgeon + Strange Mercy + Champagne Year }

Because of my outfit shout-out over here >> I thought i'd post a quick dreamy outfit here, inspired by all these songs I keep repeating. Oh Annie >> you're so awesome. Fashion! Fashion! { Love } 
Nordic Button Up Top  |  Cotton-blend plants by Chloe  |  Lipstick, anywhere  |  Strange Mercy  |  Sueded Perforated Oxfords, Old Navy