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little lovin'

This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit a couple of my favorite people >> and see their newest additions.

My lovely friends, Kelsey & Eric, welcomed little Rooney six weeks ago,...and had a shower for her back in our hometown. She was amazing and little and beautiful. Besides getting to meet her >> it was excellent to sit and catch up with Kelsey & Eric ( although TOO BRIEF ). They've been sharing their amazing journey over on their blog.

For now >> here are a few more pictures of Roo's pretty little face.
( Next time,...i'll get a better family shot. Sorry 'bout that Williams crew! )

[ She's totally smiling! Good job Roo! ]

I miss her,...I miss them.
Congratulations, AGAIN to my dear friends.
...I already completely admire their parenting, and wish them lots of awesome days ahead. 

[ one of ] my favorite things!

Ahh! - It's so hard for me to keep up with things that happen. (Sorry for the time-lapse in posts!)
I apologize to all my loyal fans.


BUT >> seeing all the pretty faces here, should be worth the wait.

The other weekend >> my awesome northern friends got together for our annual fall outing. To the orchard we traveled... We ventured through the corn maze,...found chickens, pumpkins, slides (so fast!), hay, cider, music, donuts aaaaand good times.

Again, I love fall, A LOT. That is all. ❤

Note: Colleen did not fall on her bum following this photo. So swift, so swift.

As we ate our yummy donuts,...I couldn't stop watching this girl. Cutest thing ever! She was protecting her fooood! So awesome!

[ PS + There will be a weee bit more to this post; a short follow up of sorts. Watch for it! ]

chilly weather + coffee in hand

...just another lovely morning out with my ladies.

A neighborhood exploration took us to Patisserie 46 for coffee, pastries and morning yummies. In my mind I had a dreamy image of a cool, but sunny fall morning coffee-date. Don't be fooled by the smiles on our faces though, there was an extra bit of chillyness in the air. Luckily, they had a stack of blankets by our table for comfort. Cozy!

Kelly ordered the largest piece of coffee cake any of us had probaly ever seen, SO BIG!

As always,...I am lucky to have such wonderful friends. Goodness.

playing dress up: grandma fashions

A couple weeks ago, miss Kelly and I got together to take some photographs of her in her grandma's old (awesome) clothing. I thought the idea was oh-so-cool and was thankful to help in any way I could >> even though i'm a complete awkward photo-shooter! (Sorry for the poor direction Kelly Benz,…thanks for being so lovely and cool enough to art direct yourself! eep!)

You can read all the detailed facts over on her blog >> but in a nutshell: she plans on sending some of the fun photos to her grandma as a gift. …such a sweet idea.

a labor day visit [from the south]

This past weekend we were lucky enough to spend some excellent quality time with 2 super-awesome people. Kelsey & Eric were sweet enough to drive up from Des Moines to visit us for a few days. We shopped, we talked, we laughed and we caught up on lots and lots of life things.

Kelsey was someone I always tried to mimick growing up. For years I studied her handwritting, trying soooo hard to draw it as perfect as she did. We stayed up late together, waiting for top-ten-countdown lists to play on the radio. We shared email passwords, because we trusted each other that much. She was amazing then, she's amazing now.

With baby on the way >> Kelsey & Eric have a lot to look foward too...and I couldn't be more thankful to have had them for the time we did. THANK YOU WILLIAMS TRIO, you truly made our weekend super freaking awesome.

Follow their lives!! Kelsey's fashion chronicles + The duos writings on life.

excellent content, busy bodies

This week, we were able to share dinner with wonderful friends of ours who both have some of the cutest kids ever. I realized though, that trying to get decent pictures of them, is nearly impossible. Seriously. Those little butts scoot around so fast! And if they're not moving, they're grabbin' for the camera. Whew.

I did not capture their cute faces like I had hoped, but here they are anyway. Full of blurry, sweet expression.

Lots of love to Kristofer & Amy, who have another little one on the way any day now! : )