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orchard magic

I've been using the "rapid fire" feature-thingy on my camera lately,
and sometimes, captures the funniest things.
And sometimes, things happen, regardless.

The first images were great >> Keith was singing along with the talent that day. Excellent gif material.

The next >> was a freak accident. Which makes it even more awesome.
Check it out: these 2 shots showed up back-to-back on my camera, but they're in completely different places. Somehow, everyone seems to be perfectly placed in each frame. Awesomeness.

{ Happy Friday. ends the orchard post.

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fall, fall; stayyyyyyy!!

It's my favorite season. But it's coming and going too quickly. These photos were taken a week ago. Today it's dark, rainy and gloomy—and nearly all the leaves seem to have fallen. Boooooo.

Here's hoping for at least one more good fall weekend with friends: Cheers! 

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playing dress up: grandma fashions

A couple weeks ago, miss Kelly and I got together to take some photographs of her in her grandma's old (awesome) clothing. I thought the idea was oh-so-cool and was thankful to help in any way I could >> even though i'm a complete awkward photo-shooter! (Sorry for the poor direction Kelly Benz,…thanks for being so lovely and cool enough to art direct yourself! eep!)

You can read all the detailed facts over on her blog >> but in a nutshell: she plans on sending some of the fun photos to her grandma as a gift. …such a sweet idea.

state fair time, minnesota!

Last Friday, Andy & I decided to hop the bus and check out the State Fair. It's been a couple years since we've been,...and turned out to be a perfect summer night. We were quickly reminded how expensive the fair can get (no carnival rides for us this year) >> but still had a great time. Sky capsule contraptions, a few fried foods and LOTS of people [oh my].

My favorite part, was spending the evening with my husband. { ❤ }

state rides & what to eat

This past Friday I sent myself to the mountains and Andy started his RAGBRAI adventure.

Last year, I really wanted to make some sort of energy/bar/treat/something,...but never had the time. So this year I decided on this simple recipe - and it is delicious. Seriously >> try it, even if you're just sitting at home (and not biking across a state!) - they're worth it.

You can find the recipe here.
I did one batch according to the recipe and one with more coconut + cocoa + cacao nibs. YUM!

the hola arepa truck

The street food scene in Minneapolis is doing good things. Trucks are now out on a regular basis, and more keep popping up everyday! ...and the Hola truck is one of the best, parking right near our house every Sunday. The truck is pretty, the people are cool and the food: YUM. They serve Latin themed eats, focusing in on delicious arepas. [I stopped here twice in one week. That's a lot for me!] So yummy.

a new favorite, the latest w/ kale

Food is awesome. It really is.

I follow a bazillion food blogs, and one of the first I found—years ago—was 101 Cookbooks. I ordered Heidi's first book when it came out, and was anxious to get her latest a few weeks ago. Andy & I sat down to plan out our eats for the week and chose to test this recipe. It's so crazy simple and so yummy.

Toasted kale + coconut + sesame oil + tamari.

She recommends adding in grain for a boost. We had black quinoa in the house (little jewels!), tossed it in,...and have found a new favorite. I have kale growing in the garden and can't wait to use it for this. { So much love. }

springtime reading

Something about the nice weather makes me want to read. I'm sure it's outdoor porch-time and all the lovely sun.

Last month, I used a little of my personal money to look over my Amazon wish-list, and see how cheap I could get some used books. (Love it.) Most are about food, tis the season,...but I think once the heart of summer rolls around,...I'll really want to switch gears to mindless fiction. Stories.

So far:
Water for Elephants is behind me: and I loved it. I think i'm happy I read it first, (before I saw the movie that is.) I couldn't put the book down, and stories like that are rare.

• Michael P's In Defense of Food,,...what you'd expect it to be, I think. The summary on the cover is probably my favorite part: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Yes!

I enjoy his thoughts, very much,...but his writings are starting to feel very similar...

• ...which is why i'm currently reading What to Eat! (Recommended by Mr. P, ha!) - I'm obsessed with food things,...and i'm sure this book will continue to fuel my fire.

Nothing to Envy was something I picked up after watching this National Geo special, (also on Netflix!) It's completely intriguing in the strangest way. ...I started the book this morning, and i'm sure i'll be blown away...

I like books. And reading them. Also,...I take suggestions. (!!!) 

when you turn 2

…your mom makes lots of tasty treats and invites lots and lots of fun friends.

My sweet friend Bethany (who I will be doing an "official design post" about soon) - invited us to little Nels' 2nd birthday at a super fun nature center. There were tons of little kiddos. All of them were actually very very sweet. But WHOA! Kids are ca-razy. [So much energy!]

Nels was a trooper. Having all those friends there,…he still shared his toys & presents. What a cool kid. He seemed to keep calm much better than I think I would have in his position. But then again, when you have pretty ladies like this one at your party-what's there to be grumpy about?

[ Little Elena melts my heart, too. ]

the mister, celebrates.

For a few months of the year, Andy & I are the "same age." 26, this year! Celebrations! And he loves to let me know it. Especially because in about one month, i'll continue on and turn 27.  …and he'll again be the "young one" around the house. What a goofball.

Last weekend, I let him choose Pizza Luce for Friday-night-eats, and family & friends joined us Saturday for hangouts most of the day. The theme of the day was "beer" >> new brewery explorations & restaurants known for having way too many awesome choices on tap.

I'm pretty sure beer-&-andy-celebration-day was enjoyed by all.

[ Ok, so this part of the weekend may have been my suggestion. Happy birthday treats!!!! ]

[ Little brother needed to do some boot shopping. ]

[ Here's brother, again. And since he assured me that he doesn't ever read my blog >> I figured I could put this nice photo of him up. I actually love it >> because all weekend long he made this face at me. That, "Joa, really? Another photo?"…face. I kept telling him that my new thing is documenting life. He's just going to have to deal with it. ]

excellent content, busy bodies

This week, we were able to share dinner with wonderful friends of ours who both have some of the cutest kids ever. I realized though, that trying to get decent pictures of them, is nearly impossible. Seriously. Those little butts scoot around so fast! And if they're not moving, they're grabbin' for the camera. Whew.

I did not capture their cute faces like I had hoped, but here they are anyway. Full of blurry, sweet expression.

Lots of love to Kristofer & Amy, who have another little one on the way any day now! : ) 


After months of research and thinking, we've gotten a new camera, and so far (it's only been 2 days!)—I love it. The weather has been amazing up here and yesterday Andy & I went out for a walk. We took the bus, walked the 'hood, had a wonderfully relaxing lunch and tested it out.

See, the thing is, next Saturday we'll be in the air. Swinging through Denver to pick up our 2 favorite people—and together we're all heading to San Francisco for a very perfect week away. VACATION!! I wanted to at least know how to run my new device. (eeep!) Aaaand, I'm learning.

This is all still way over my head. Automatic features vs. manual. HD videos. Blah blah blah. I barely understand any of it, but i'm excited to have the tools. I already feel more creative.

AND, when I get back, i'm going to bring all my new adventures on video to the very professional: Kelly!! (i love my friends)...who's offered to play around with my random clips to make something creative and awesome.

So, in conclusion: here are my first test photos. Yea! ...and our pieced-together attempt at understanding the video-ness. I'm easily amused. I love all the sharp focus stuff in the front, with blurry things in the back. Plus, I loved Andy's shirt. I swear he made every photo better.