Last week I went out with good people to the MIAs Bike Night. Weeeeeee!

There were a few local frame builders there, booze & music. Plus, we filled our brains with old old art >> getting free passes to the current Rembrant exhibit. It was nice. always, and most importantly, I get to do these sort of things with some of my favorite people. [ Yesssssss! ]

Oh, and, side note: our photobooth shot is the main image on the event Flickr page. BAM!

CPA work

I had the opportunity to work with another great client, Mary Sievers,...on a full brand and website build. Mary was so sweet, and so great to work with,...and the final design was clean and consistent.

I like those things.

...I wanted to take a couple moments to share some of the quick graphics from the project.

Check out her site to learn more. GOOD STUFF.

And, hiding my resources on this one: icons, photography. [ Teamwork, do it! ]

probably not worth your time...

Sorry all,...weak content below.

I'm working hard on design goodies for some friends,
and sometimes,
you need mindless music to cheer you on.

I've found my jam on the new Bieber album. Ba-bam.

If you enjoy guiltypleasurepopjams: continue on.

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spring in colorado: pt 3

We woke up to a clear & gorgeous day. ...perfect for driving back to the city,...and we decided to take the long route through Rocky Mountain National.

...let's just say, it was both beautiful and terrifying.

No picture did it justice. The drive takes you high high into the peaks >> the roads are narrow,...and I think we concluded that they probably shouldn't let normal people drive there. However, it still was crazy-amazing.

Back in Denver,...we relaxed for the night with some drinks & porch time.

The next day we had to head back home,...BUT found time for a lovely brunch and one last moment of relaxation in a beautiful city park. THANKS FOR THE TIME FRIENDS: you're the best. Best best.

spring in colorado: pt 2

...after our long drive through the mountains, we ended up somewhere around Steamboat Springs >> where the boys decided to rent bikes and climb a mountain. Hollie & I decided to take care of the important work ( err ),...and checked into the cabin, sat on the deck and had conversation with snow-peak views.

The Beaver cabin treated us well.

After the boys finished their crazy ride ( apparently it took them 2/2.5 hours to ride up,...and like 12 minutes to get down - CRAZY KIDS )...we picked them up and came back to the cabin. We chopped wood, into our comfy clothes,...started fires ( it's cold in those hills! ) >> and shared cheese & wine & beers for dinner. ❤

spring in colorado: pt 1

Over Memorial weekend >> we were lucky enough to visit our favorite people in the mountains. The adventure wasn't nearly long enough ( as always ) >> BUT, we did have a lovely lovely time. ...and looking back through these photos, cracks me up. [ Micah >> you're ridiculous. You make me laugh soooo much. ]

Colorado picked us up early from our flight,...and we instantly headed into the mountains.
...stopping at Grand Lake first >> the weather was CRAZY PERFECT.

...this trip was seriously relaxing. ...and we needed it. [ We needed them. ]
The mountains ARE AWESOME.



AH!! >> I have so much "camera clean-up" to do,'s stupid. BUT, I will,...and I feel like I've started to get over that hump of transition. ...somewhat. ❤ I've been at Rêve for a month-ish,...and summer has come. Best friends are back in town to stay, and lots of fun things are ahead.

To add to the summer fun, Andy & I bought this used ice cream book and plan on trying a handful of the seasonally awesome flavors. I'd always loved Jenis design,...and now,...perhaps i'll love the actual ice cream.

** more camera unloadin' to come...

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neighborhood family fun

[ I have a lot of camera clean-off to do,...and here's one little fun-day from it! ]

Somewhere in the middle of all my job transitioning the past few weeks >> I was lucky enough to join my Grandma & aunt Teresa for a little Linden Hills adventure. We had a lovely lunch, walked the neighborhood a bit and simply enjoyed the afternoon. It was lovely!

...and of couse, we made a much needed stop at the always tasty: Sebastian Joe's. ❤

my goodness...this man. this jam.

I was lucky enough to see this man last weekend >> and my goodness. ...I don't know what it is, but I can stop watching this video; his stupid-sexy moves. BAH. [ Don't worry,...husband agrees. ]

Seriously >> addicted to this for life.

a little of this

...with all the designers and students and tech-types, at the coffeeshop.

I always wondered who those people were. ...the ones that spent their entire day working at their computers in these sort of spaces. It still kinda blows my mind. ❤

the switch

Well friends >> the time has come.

...I've been sneaking up on 7 steady years of work at the Orchestra, but it's time for a little transition.

Just a couple weeks ago >> I was offered a position at a little shop called Rêve. I'll share more after I get in, get settled—but just know, it's going to be good.

For now however >> I say FAREWELL to co-workers who have become my small daily family, and lots of work I never could have dreamed I'd be a part of. I mean >> Jim Brickman?!?! - growing up, playing piano—I loved that guy. Ha! Ben Folds? ...he's pretty cool. Dave Brubeck? So classy. ...and THE LORD OF THE RINGS Symphony!!! Ahhh!! ( watch as much of that video as you can,'s beautiful. ) I've been so lucky to be a part of such great work and design for such amazing musical projects. Really.

As I said to my crew, though: I'm not leaving the city—i'm still here. We're still friends, and we'll hang out again, right? Right. ❤

this makes me laugh

Oh my goodness, I can't stop laughing when I look at this thing.

We may have found this on Craigslist,...after seeing the posting up for months and months. We'd been watching it, joking & thinking that it'd be pretty funny to own and drive around the neighborhood. We finally decided to give them a call >> and took a look this past weekend. They guy selling it was awesome,...and basically gave it to us. Clearly >> he just wanted the thing out of his hands. !!! Consider these the BEFORE shots. It's gonna look pretty sweet when my awesome-and-handy-husband is done with it. BAM!

Behold! The pedal car!

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LA: from the phone

...just a little unload from the phone before I get to the pictures from my camera. I even took video! YES!
[ LA was wonderful,...probably because of Kelly, and her existence. ]

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little lovin'

This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit a couple of my favorite people >> and see their newest additions.

My lovely friends, Kelsey & Eric, welcomed little Rooney six weeks ago,...and had a shower for her back in our hometown. She was amazing and little and beautiful. Besides getting to meet her >> it was excellent to sit and catch up with Kelsey & Eric ( although TOO BRIEF ). They've been sharing their amazing journey over on their blog.

For now >> here are a few more pictures of Roo's pretty little face.
( Next time,...i'll get a better family shot. Sorry 'bout that Williams crew! )

[ She's totally smiling! Good job Roo! ]

I miss her,...I miss them.
Congratulations, AGAIN to my dear friends.
...I already completely admire their parenting, and wish them lots of awesome days ahead.