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Thanks for taking a little time to answer these questions. Getting a feel for your design dreams & hearing a little bit more about you and your audience—gives me a better starting point as I dig in to the design work. I'm excited to get to work!

Name *
[ Name of company/business, if not you. : ) ]
Brand Evaluation
[ Help me understand your current brand. Was just the logo developed? Were there any additonal brand elements developed that I should be aware of? ]
Limit yourself to 3-5 words.
...what does he/she wear? What are brands they might be interested in? Describe him or her.
[ Could be links to other sites. Or a list of stores, trends, etc that inspire your brand. ]
[ Could be a certain photo that must be used, specific colors, fonts, etc. OR supporting logos or sponsor recognition. ] * If so, please send my way.
Squarespace / Tech
* i do not specialize in techinal support — but I am always available to help as best I can * your squarespace account does come with 24/7 customer support via squarespace
[ Have you used if before? What is your comfort level? ]
[ Could include commerce functions, newsletter sign-up, or special forms. ]
anything else?