Feel inspired by the creative
potential of your brand.


fresh & clean visuals

Brand Refinement

I specialize in coming alongside existing brands to bring your visuals forward. It's my goal to create something that truly speaks to who you are, and what you're communicating through your brand. You'll walk away with a solid feel for what your brand should look like in all spaces.

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Ongoing brand support, available.

What we do

Brand Styling
Mark Exploration
Secondary Logo Variation
Color + Type
Photo Direction
Collateral Inspiration
Brand Overview


an extension of your brand

Website Design / Squarespace

Squarespace is a great platform for those who want a beautiful, clean site—with an easy backend for editing and maintaining. I'll work with your brand visuals to bring a more custom & cohesive look to the site.

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What we do

Brand Integration
Real-time Proofing
Responsive Design
Site Refresh
Ongoing Support